What is your music background?

I remember as a wee nipper being mesmerised by my parent’s vinyl collection, the helicopter on ABBA’s Arrival cover, the strange metal shape on Tubular Bells and even the cheeky smile, round glasses and bowl haircut on most John Denver albums. The boyhood crush on Agnetha Fältskog only strengthened my relationship with the Swedish super group, before moving onto the last days of The Jam, early U2 and while sharing a room with a lad who only played Prince discovered the purple one. I never shut the door on any genre during my music education, with artists like Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson, Madness, Howard Jones, Wagner, Miles Davis and anything I could breakdance to hitting the tape decks. I was the first person in the school to buy a CD player and nearly everyone made a pilgrimage to my room to listen to Kyrie by Mr Mister on the new fangled device. After leaving school I worked part time in a record store while at college, before moving to full time where my CD collection grew to over 4,000 albums, and probably as many CD singles and Limited editions. The record store helped me to discover new genres and artists and allowed me to see a gig virtually every other night in London. Twenty years on my profession and family life has changed, however the hunger to for new music hasn’t diminished, and that is why todaysalbum.com was born.

What is the purpose of todaysalbum.com?

Fans of music love to discover great albums, and I am a music fan. I created todaysalbum.com because I want…

  • to chronicle the best albums released.
  • to enable followers of todaysalbum.com to discover new and classic albums.
  • to build a community of music fans sharing their thoughts.
  • to remind people of albums they might have forgotten about.

The project is a journey, and I would love YOU to join me.

How do you choose which albums are featured?

For decades experts, music publications and radio stations have published their ‘Albums of the Year’ or ‘The 500 Greatest Albums Ever’ lists, and being a lover of a good list, I have collated much of this data. I then look to see when there are release date anniversaries and sort them into date order.   When there isn’t an anniversary I use this day to feature an album I have recently discovered or anything else that might be of interest.

Please note all album release dates are sourced via the internet, including Wikipedia and artists websites. On occasions the information may be inccorrect.  However, todaysalbum.com aims to be as accurate as possible.

Would you feature my album?

I can’t promise anything, however if you wish to forward a pre-release please contact me at si (@) todaysalbum (.)com. The majority of albums featured are well respected and acclaimed, however every month I aim to share a few recent albums that have caught my ear. I always love to hear new music, so feel free to drop me a line.

Si Salter (September 2016)