Today’s Albums 401-500

If this is the first time you have visited welcome! Over the coming three months I shall be adding the next 100 albums for your delight and listening pleasure.  Whether you will enjoy a classic or discover something new, there will be something for all music tastes, enjoy!

No.500 18/01/2018

WOW 500! The ex Humble Pie guitarist Peter Frampton had minor success prior to the release of the now legendary double live album Frampton Comes Alive! The album has sold over 11 million copies worldwide and was recorded at historic venue Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco. Epic! To the next 500 albums!

No.499 17/01/2018

Why have I not heard this album before??? The 1972 War LP The World is a Ghetto is a soul-funk masterpiece! I love The Cisco Kid and Four Cornered Room. The band were at their creative peak with this release. You dig?

No.498 16/01/2018

The debut album Moon Safari by French electronic duo Air is 20 years old today. Includes the hits Sexy Boy and Kelly Watch the Stars. This album never fails to make me smile, the relaxed downtempo nature of the music puts me in happy place. What’s your go to chill out record?

No.497 15/01/2018

The Byrds 1968 album The Notorious Byrd Brothers is 50 years old today. The Californian band’s 5th album blends many genres, including folk, country and psychedelic.  During rehearsals tensions ran high within the band, with David Crosby being fired prior to release.

No.496 14/01/2018

The British Sea Power album Do You Like Music? is 10 years old today. The Brighton band’s 3rd release is true to their name even citing the 1953 Canvey Island floods in one track. Great melodies including the standout tracks Waving Flags and No

No.495 13/01/2018

The 1983 U2 album War was the band’s 3rd LP.  Includes Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year’s Day, and knocked Michael Jackson’s Thriller from the top of the UK album chart. Does it make your U2 Top 3?

No.494 12/01/2018

When I first visited Australia in 1988 John Farnham’s Age of Reason was huge, and since then I’ve always had a soft spot for this album. After all I was only 16, an impressionable age! It might not win my much kudos, but it’s a guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

No.493 11/01/2018

The new Eminem album Revival has received mixed reviews from critics, and I have to agree with many of the comments, negative and positive. However, Marshall Mathers is a talented fella, and it’s great to hear new material. How would you describe Eminem and his music in 5 words?

No.492 10/01/2018

The Who rock opera Quadrophenia was released in October 1973, and was completely composed by Pete Townshend. The tale of Jimmy, a young mod, captures The Who at their best. Compelling, engaging and top rock. Quad or Tommy for you?

No.491 09/01/2018

The 1983 album Synchronicity by The Police was the band’s last and most successful release. An experimental affair but never wavers from signature Police characteristics. Includes Every Breath You Take, King of Pain and Wrapped Around Your Finger. Your fav Police LP?

No.490 08/01/2018

The 2003 LP Elephant was 4th outing by the Detroit duo The White Stripes. The White’s were always the envy of the music press, but the critics truly gushed over Elephant. Includes the now sports crowd favourite Seven Nation

No.489 07/01/2018

I hear so much Prince in the 1973 Sly & The Family Stone album Fresh. I knew the purple one was influenced by Sly, but crikey! Fresh was perhaps Sly’s last great work, includes a superb rendition of Que Sera, Sera. Have that Doris!

No.488 06/01/2018

The Frank Sinatra LP Come Fly With Me is 60 years old today! The album was arranged by American composer Billy May, and was created to tour the globe through song. A fun album, love the Isle of

No.487 05/01/2018

The 2nd album by Roxy Music called For Your Pleasure was released in 1973, their last with electronic wizard Brian Eno. Love Beauty Queen and The Bogus Man. Even Dame Judi Dench makes a cameo!

No.486 04/01/2018

The 1983 debut album Murmur by Athens band R.E.M. includes Radio Free Europe and the wonderful Talk About The Passion. The critics loved Murmur when released, which even surprised the band’s record company I.R.S.

No.485 03/01/2018

The 1973 Paul McCartney and Wings album Band On the Run includes Jet and of course Band On the Run. Also love Let Me Roll It and Bluebird. Perhaps the finest LP from any of the Fab Four post Beatles? Discuss…

No.484 02/01/2018

The 1973 debut eponymous New York Dolls LP was recorded at The Record Plant, NY and produced by Todd Rundgren. Upon release critics loved the LP, but sales were poor. Are you a fan?

No.483 01/01/2018

The 1973 Mott The Hoople album Mott is one of the classic rock albums, and the bands career defining masterpiece. Singer Ian Hunter wrote, or co-wrote all but one of the tracks. Love it from start to finish, what a way to startthe year! Happy 2018!!!

No.482 31/12/2017

Let’s end 2017 with a monster LP. The 1973 Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon. Recorded at Abbey Road, the innovative looping and multi-track recording, the iconic album cover and tracks such as Breathe, Time, Money and Us and Them make the LP one of the greatest of all-time. RT if you agree!

No.481 30/12/2017

The 1973 Lou Reed LP Berlin was described a ‘disaster’ by Rolling Stone magazine upon release. A concept album about a troubled couple, Jim and Caroline, coping with drugs, violence and depression. Love The Bed.

No.480 29/12/2017

The 1973 debut Lynyrd Skynyrd album (Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd) gave the Jacksonville band instant fame. Includes some of their best known work, Gimme Three Steps, Simple Man, Tuesday’s Gone and Free

No.479 28/12/2017

The 1973 Marvin Gaye album Let’s Get It On is sex on wax! Includes the brilliant Distant Lover and of course Let’s Get It On. Jason Ankeny of Allmusic said “each performance laced with innuendo, each lyric a come-on, and each rhythm throbbing with lust.” It’s sexy!

No.478 27/12/2017

The Bob Dylan LP John Wesley Harding is 50 years old today. The album saw a return to acoustic after a trilogy of electric. Includes All Along the Watchtower, which Jimi Hendrix recorded the following year in 1968.

No.477 26/12/2017

The 2016 debut by composer Anna Meredith, Varmints exhibits her classical side with pulsating dance, and a tuba for a bass. Intoxicating, perfect for a Christmas Day hangover!

No.476 25/12/2017

A very merry Christmas to all @todayzalbum friends and followers. Here’s a Christmas treat The 1964 Beach Boys’ Christmas Album. Includes Little Saint Nick, Blue Christmas, Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town and White Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho!

No.475 24/12/2017

The 1973 Jackson Browne LP For Everyman included an impressive guest list, Elton John, David Crosby, Joni Mitchell, Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt and Glen Frey, especially considering it was his second album. A very underrated artist?

No.474 23/12/2017

When David Bowie released Aladdin Sane in 1973 he had become a star. The lyrics, melodies, and arrangements with Mick Ronson makes this one of Bowie’s most engrossing albums. Includes the classic The Jean Genie. What’s your Bowie Top 5?

No.473 22/12/2017

The debut LP Mr Fantasy by Traffic is 50 years old this month. Jim Calpaldi’s lyrics and Steve Winwood’s vocals, and the band’s use of unusual instruments, capture a moment in time, post Sgt Peppers.

No.472 21/12/2017

The 1984 debut eponymous album by The Smiths gave the indie scene a dramatic new sound, with lyrics on many a taboo subject. Includes This Charming Man, Hand in Glove and What Difference Does It Make?

No.471 20/12/2017

The Bruce Springsteen LP The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle sold poorly when released in 1973, but following the success of Born to Run found new listeners. Includes his early live show closer Rosalita (Come Out Tonight). I’ve still not seen him live (shameful), have you? Where and when?

No.470 19/12/2017

The 1973 Al Green album Call Me is one of the greatest ever soul records! Includes You Ought to Be with Me, Here I Am (Come and Take Me) and Call Me (Come Back Home). Green aside, the musicianship of his band is exceptional!

No.469 18/12/2017

The 1984 The Replacements album Let It Be has a greater diversity and mature sound than the more up-tempo earlier LPs. The post-punk classic deals with themes of coming-of-age and rejection. Quality LP!

No.468 17/12/2017

The Jonny Greenwood soundtrack to the Daniel Day-Lewis movie There Will Be Blood is 10 years old today. Complex and powerful string arrangements. Love Henry Plainview.

No.467 16/12/2017

The 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailers LP Catch A Fire was their first album on Island Records. Love Concrete Jungle, and Stir It Up is a classic track. Two other tracks were written by Peter Tosh. Would it make your reggae top 10?

No.466 15/12/2017

The Meters 1975 LP Rejuvenation is one of the great funk albums. It was produced by the legendary Allen Toussaint, and recorded at his Sea-Saint Studios in New Orleans. Love It Ain’t No Use and Just Kissed My Baby.

No.465 14/12/2017

The 2nd Dinosaur Jr. LP, You’re Living All Over Me is 30 years old today! The hugely influential album is now considered an Alternative/Indie classic. Always loved Sludgefeast. RT if you have this in your collection!

No.464 13/12/2017

The debut eponymous Suicide LP is 40 years old this month. The influential synth-punk album featured repetitive beats and rhythms, with Alan Vega’s rock ‘n’ roll influenced vocals. A hypnotising listen!

No.463 12/12/2017

The Swedish pop group ABBA LP The Album is 40 years old today. The album accompanied ABBA: The Movie. Included two UK number-one singles, Take a Chance on Me and The Name of the

No.462 11/12/2017

The 2nd Richard and Linda Thompson I Want To See The Bright Lights, released in 1974, is now considered a masterpiece. It was recorded on a budget and is now a folk classic.

No.461 10/12/2017

The 1964 The Beatles LP A Hard Day’s Night was their 3rd release. Includes Can’t Buy Me Love, And I Love Her as well as title track. Make your Beatles Top 5?

No.460 9/12/2017

The Beenie Man LP Many Moods Of Moses is 20 years old today. The stand-out track is Who Am I, but enjoyed the dancehall beats, the country number and hash of My Prerogative…yep it’s quite diverse!

No.459 8/12/2017

The 1974 Steely Dan album Pretzel Logic was the last to feature the full five members of the band. The critics loved the LP, Bud Scoppa from Rolling Stone described it “a wonderfully fluid ensemble

No.458 7/12/2017

Time for an Aussie classic, the 1978 Cold Chisel self-titled debut. Jimmy Barnes’s voice is a wonder of nature. Includes the legendary Khe Sanh “I left my heart to the sappers round Khe Sanh…”

No.457 6/12/2017

The 1977 Al Green LP The Belle Album is 40 years old today. The Reverend Al green had recently been ordained, and many releases for a decade-and-a-half were of a gospel tone. Green also took to the lead guitar!

No.456 5/12/2017

The 1984 debut eponymous album by Run DMC helped begin a new breed of hip hop. The reportage and sparse beats were recorded at Greene Street Recording in New York City. Includes the original It’s Like

No.455 4/12/2017

The queen of Memphis Soul Carla Thomas 1965 LP Comfort Me contains some recognizable tracks such as What the World Needs Now and Will You Love Me Tomorrow. Classy record.

No.454 3/12/2017

The new Björk album Utopia is an atmospheric affair with harps, flutes and the Icelandic’s haunting vocals. She sings “The forest is in me…” it certainly is!

No.453 2/12/2017

The latest Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds album Who Built the Moon? echoes his work with the Chemical Brothers, upbeat and uplifting. I like the change in direction, do you?

No.452 1/12/2017

The 2nd Jimi Hendrix Experience LP Axis: Bold as Love is 50 years old today. Rolling Stone described it “the finest voodoo album that any rock group has produced to date.” Includes Little Wing, Castles Made of Sand and Bold as

No.451 30/11/2017

The 1974 Jackson Browne album Late For The Sky originally received mixed reviews, now seen as a masterpiece. Love Fountain of

No.450 29/11/2017

The 1974 Eric Clapton LP 461 Ocean Boulevard was Slowhand’s return following a 3-year heroin addiction. Includes hit single I Shot the Sheriff.

No.449 28/11/2017

Although Morrissey has received mixed reviews for his latest LP Low in High School I always look forward to hearing new material from the ex-Smiths front man. How do you rate it?

No.448 27/11/2017

The Beatles soundtrack to Magical Mystery Tour is 50 years old today. Famously psychedelic, but are you a fan? Includes I Am The Walrus

No.447 26/11/2017

Talking Heads Stop Making Sense, released 1984, is a soundtrack to the concert movie of the same name. Opens with Psycho Killer

No.446 25/11/2017

The 1984 double-LP Double Nickels on the Dime by Minutemen is a monster listen of punchy guitars, political lyrics and epicness!

No.445 24/11/2017

The 2004 Green Day punk rock opera American Idiot is @todayzalbum. Back to form with singles, such as the title track…fan?

No.444 23/11/2017

The latest David Crosby album Sky Trails is spiritual, personal, political and complements his work from the 70’s. Check it out.

No.443 22/11/2017

The 1984 Los Lobos LP How Will the Wolf Survive? Great musicianship, augmenting Mexican roots, country and blues. Love Serenata Nortena

No.442 21/11/2017

The popular Earth Wind & Fire LP All ‘N All is 40 years old today. It’s funky, it’s tender and includes Fantasy. All ‘N All a classic!

No.441 20/11/2017

The 2nd Tom Waits LP The Heart of Saturday Night, released 1974 is a late night boozy number. A poet like the Beat Generation.

No.440 19/11/2017

The new LP from Toronto indie-rock quartet Weaves called Wide Open is more pop orientated than debut, but it works! Love

No.439 18/11/2017

The 2nd Buffalo Springfield LP Buffalo Springfield Again is 50 years old today. Includes Expecting To Fly and Broken Arrow. A classic?

No.438 17/11/2017

The new Curtis Harding album Face Your Fear continues with his classic soul vibe, at times repetitive, but if you like one, you will like them all. I do!

No.437 16/11/2017

The 2004 debut Kanye West LP The College Dropout packed full of humour, social commentary and religion. Back when he was loved!

No.436 15/11/2017

The 1974 Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris LP Grievous Angel was released 4 months after his morphine and alcohol induced death. Classic!

No.435 14/11/2017

The 1969 Otis Rush LP Mourning In The Morning was recorded at FAME studios, Muscle Shoals. Originally reviled, but now a cult LP!

No.434 13/11/2017

Leonard Cohen Death of A Ladies’ Man is 40 years old today. Produced and co-written by Phil Spector, released with bad reviews. Four decades on?

No.433 12/11/2017

I love The Beach Boys, so the latest Weezer Pacific Daydream was recommended to me. Catchy and produced to the max. A summer driving album?

No.432 11/11/2017

The Parisian experimental popster Camille released a new album OUÏ earlier this year. Love Seeds and Les Loups. Get some continental!

No.431 10/11/2017

The Moody Blues concept album Days of Future Passed is 50 years old today. An early example of orchestral prog-rock, includes Nights in White Satin

No.430 9/11/2017

The 7th Eurythmics LP Savage is 30 years old today. Includes Beethoven (I Love to Listen To) and You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart

No.429 8/11/2017

It took Brian Wilson until 2004 to finally release the legendary Smile. I was so fortunate to be at the live premier with Paul McCartney etc!

No.428 7/11/2017

The ex-Japan front man David Sylvian 4th solo album Secrets of the Beehive is 30 years old today. Genius strings, acoustics and haunting vocals. Superb!

No.427 6/11/2017

Kyle Craft new release Girl Crazy is a covers album of his favourite female singers…and Cher (lol). Very odd, but kinda like it!

No.426 5/11/2017

The 2nd album by Burial Untrue is 10 years old today. Garage, Ambient and Hardcore all evident in the pitch-shifted audio. Hypnotic!

No.425 4/11/2017

The debut Sinead O’ Connor album Lion and the Cobra is 30 years old today. The LP includes Mandinka and was recorded while she was heavily pregnant!

No.424 3/11/2017

The exhilarating debut eponymous album by Rage Against The Machine is 25 years old today. What’s your top track from the LP?

No.423 2/11/2017

Calling all Gary Numan fans…The Horrors lastest V will be right up your street, at least the opening track. Maybe best LP yet??

No.422 1/11/2017

The new St Vincent album MASSEDUCATION has been described as “accessible but challenging,“ what are your views? I need more listens…

No.421 31/10/2017

Once Upon A Time by Donna Summer is 40 years old today. A double concept album telling a rags-to-riches story through disco, what’s not to love?

No.420 30/10/2017

The debut George Michael album Faith is 30 years old today. 3 decades on still sounds great. Includes One More Try, I Want Your Sex and Father

No.419 29/10/2017

The new Robert Plant album Carry Fire is an expression of worldly ways and music experience. The rock god has found his niche, and it works!

No.418 28/10/2017

The poster boy of punk, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols is 40 years old today. The album that changed everything? Pretty Vacant,

No.417 27/10/2017

He! He! The Darkness are back with their 5th album, Pinewood Smile. You can’t take them seriously, and that’s their strength. Cheesy lyrics and glam rock gold!

No.416 26/10/2017

The difficult second album by Benjamin Clementine I Tell A Fly is a difficult listen…but I kind of like it! A love story of two flies, yes flies, just give it a go!

No.415 25/10/2017

The prolific Beck is back with his new album Colors. Mr Hansen barely puts a foot wrong, but I found Colors mildly underwhelming. Love Dear

No.414 24/10/2017

The celestial album Planetarium released earlier this year features Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly and James McAlister. Play loud with the lights down!

No.413 23/10/2017

The Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album Raising Sand is 10 years old today. When rock met country! Great harmonies and production by T Bone Burnett

No.412 22/10/2017

The new solo Liam Gallagher LP As You Were is much better than I was expecting! Full of Beatles references & sketchy lyrics as you would expect, but enjoyed it!

No.411 21/10/2017

The monster selling Meat Loaf album Bat Out Of Hell is 40 years old today. Written by Jim Steinman and produced by Todd Rundgren. Epic 70’s rock!

No.410 20/10/2017

The Madonna album Erotica is 25 years old today. At the time was ambitious, but now sounds dated, with the 90’s beats and rhythms. Always liked Rain. Do you rate?

No.409 19/10/2017

Kick by INXS is 30 years old today. Their finest moment? Includes hit after hit, New Sensation, Need You Tonight, Never Tear Us Apart…etc

No.408 18/10/2017

Anyone for the Walrus of Love? The 1974 Barry White LP Can’t Get Enough is everything you want from the great man. “You’re the First…

No.407 17/10/2017

Americana’s The Lone Bellow new album Walk Into a Storm on first listens isn’t a touch on their first two, but it’s growing on me slowly…

No.406 16/10/2017

The 1974 album Natty Dread was the first released by Bob Marley & The Wailers, not just The Wailers. Includes Lively Up Yourself and No Woman, No

No.405 15/10/2017

The latest Neil Young release, Hitchhiker is sublime collection of acoustic tracks recorded in Malibu, back in 1976. Highlight is

No.404 14/10/2017

The David Bowie LP Heroes is 40 years old today. Acclaimed 2nd release in the Berlin Trilogy, recorded at Hansa Studio by the Wall, West Berlin. In your #Bowie top 3?

No.403 13/10/2017

…Nothing Like The Sun by Sting is 30 years old today. Rich and complex, and includes Englishman in New York. Guests include Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton

No.402 12/10/2017

The Haunted Man by Bat For Lashes is 5 years old today. A restrained dreamlike fairytale, reminds me of Kate Bush. Love Laura and title track.

No.401 11/10/2017

The new Wolf Alice album Visions Of A Life is an album building on their debut, but perhaps falling short. Love Don’t Delete the

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